Saturday was the 44th quilt show in Sisters Oregon. I have attended many of these shows, usually I was working in one of the many shops that line Cascade street. This year I was able to go with friends and enjoy.
Last year I had my camera and got some photographs that I made into notecards. So this year I again grabbed the camera for more possible notecards. I met up with a couple of friends and we had a great time. My only issue was that I forgot to check the battery in my camera and it kept quitting on me. I had to be more picky about what I photographed and hope that there was enough power to make it though the show. I got 26 shots of which I came up with 12 possible notecard designs. There were over 1200 quilts to choose from.

I went for bright colors and lots of sewing detail. Click on each photo and check out the details.
I have loved hand quilting and sometimes piecing so maybe this year I will be able to pick up my quilting projects and finish some.
There is a rumor that Sasquatch was seen in Sisters Oregon. I think I found him.