Happy Easter Evening

Happy Easter evening

It’s Easter Today and I find myself learning a new program.

I guess it is a time of new beginnings. I thought I would do a post on the flakiness of my camera, and I still plan on it but, instead learned a new blog program. I am certainly glad that Susan and the germies will not repeat what I said, suffice it to say somebody got Damned.
Thursday my boss’s gave Susan and I this beautiful batch of yellow and red tulips. Friday I added a Daffodil that got broken off when I was weeding the flowerbeds. Saturday the forecast was for rain and rain showers with breaks of sun. Saturday mid morning I realized that the sun was breaking through the clouds and that the light would be perfect for photographing this vase of spring beauties with my phone, and sending the photo to my Boss’s with the caption that there was an imposter in my tulips. Then I realized that the light was perfect for some serious photography with my good camera. A few months after I got this New / Used camera, it got flaky. My photos had almost no color on them but the Raw photos were bright and clear. The reverse of what they should be. So I shut off the Raw program and adapted my way of shooting. Taking a shot or two looking at them and adjusting the F-Stops and Shutter Speed to get the desired results. 20 years of taking photos I knew what I wanted and how to get it.
This time things were not working as expected.

These 4 photos were all taken a few minutes apart, the light was the same. I kept adjusting the settings but still got inconsistent results. In some of the cases I really liked the pastel look of the tulips. But…

This is not what I wanted. Where is the bright Red and Yellow? It is kinda a unique look though.
In desperation to see if I could find an answer to my problem I turned to the internet. I could not find an answer, so… I will be getting a New / Used camera later this next week. This one I can use for when I want to get creative, just to use as a back up, or figure out the problem later.
A new beginning in my photographic career, I think. I am hoping for bright clean and crisp shots. I will be concentrating on putting my cards and smaller prints on my Word press store, and less on Etsy. Working with my new printer and coming out with some fantastic photos to sell.
Oh and WordPress, Why did you change the format of the blog? It was fine the way it was. At least you could have given me some warning.

I couldn’t resist this Selfie. Yes I do need a hair cut, I am looking a bit shaggy.