I love sunflowers. They are bright and sunny. they hold their heads up high and face the morning sun. But in the fall when they are done blooming, they hang their heads mourning the loss of the warmth.

I need to get out and take photos everyday. It is the only way I can get my photo game up to the level I want to be at. This morning I watched a u-tube video by David DuChemin he was talking about how to break being board and in a rut. He talked about going out and photographing something you have never photographed  before. Well I have to admit I have not photographed this sunflower or it’s friends. Ok splitting hairs I know as I have photographed many sunflowers, but not this one.
This Sunflower is Huge it is about a foot across and well over 8 feet high. It has watched over my yard and I saw it every time I went out my back door, Always sunny.


always catching the last of the day’s rays