This fall I ordered 42 new styles of photo note cards. It has taken me a while to get them all listed. I got this bright idea that I needed to change the black backgrounds to a lighter background. So I spent a week getting new background photos and over a thousand photos.  I didn’t really like the new photos and ordered a small portable studio, then I found a piece of gray wool fabric and tried that as a newer background in the new portable studio. I loved it. So I re photographed all the cards again.

These photographs are new cards that I, recently listed. The photo on the left is the lighter background and the photo on the right is the gray wool background. I love the gray background. 

Now that I have gotten all the new cards listed and the old cards changed again,  it is time to work on getting some sets listed. I have chosen sets of 8 cards and sets of 3 cards. All 15 new sets will be added to my Etsy Store

The price for the sets will be 
Sets of  8  $22.50 + Shipping
Sets of  3  $9.00 +Shipping
Single cards will still be $ 3.50 + Shipping

Here is a sample of the 8 packs

 The first photo of 8 cards will be one card of each photo 

The second group of photos are 4 cards. There will be two cards of each photo in the package.

The third set of photos is a sample of the 3 packs of cards. There will be one of each card in the pack.

The goal for today is to start getting these cards and the other sets of cards Listed on my Etsy shop .
And to figure out this new format that WordPress came up with.