I like this subject and I think I am going to have to work on it a bit. Think symmetrical rather than interesting
Day One 3-7-2022
I am wandering around the house thinking what can I do for symmetry? while I am wandering, I notice that a 4 gallon milk crate looks like a symmetrical face. Thats it, I grab the crate dusted it off and took it out to the back deck where the light is much better. It didn’t work, there was way too much light and I could not get the face to show up. I took it to the steps of the deck and set it down so the face was up and it still didn’t work. So I gave up and put it back in it’s original spot. Later I walked past it again and sure enough the face showed up. It is a pretty dark location and only the front of the crate was getting some light. I finally decided to give it a try in that location. I turned on the light above it and the light in the kitchen, opened the f stop to 2.5 and slowed the shutter speed to 1/8 of a second. Then I realized that I had to change the ISO to 800. Eeeesh I never shoot at that speed. I have not really liked how they looked but to get the shot…

It worked and the quality of the photo is vastly improved from the earlier cameras. While I really do like to shoot in the 100 to 200 ISO range this camera can give me a nice photo in this higher range.
I had also decided to try photographing my favorite pens.

My thought was to set them up on a notebook page or journal. I tried them on some of the pages I had written on but didn’t like it as well. I had also thought I could photograph them in Black and White, and I tried to set them up so the color tones were the same.

It took quite a few shots to get it just right but I was having fun.
I also tried them on an off white dish towel and did a close up.

Loved it too.
Day Two 3-08-2022
Not sure what I was going to do for today, I ended up posting the pens shot above. Then I got the idea to play with some colorful game parts that I had saved to photograph.

I didn’t get much done since I started late in the afternoon and the clouds were rolling in for the storm coming through. Both of these photos did get listed though.

Day Three 3-09-2022
Surprise, Surprise, Mother nature decided to give us some snow. It is much needed so I can’t complain and since I didn’t have to go anywhere it was just a fun day.

Since I had mentioned in an earlier post that I had not gotten to use the snowshoes the first thing I did was put them on and photograph them. That was my first post for the challenge. I made some trips around the back yard and took photos of the trellises

The shots were ok but …..
I also photographed the turquoise planter that I bought last summer, it looked pretty cool

Then I decided to see what I could come up with inside with my portable lightbox. My Fiesta ware coffee mugs came to my rescue.

I called this what happens when you are bored and you don’t have the cool wooden blocks to play with.

After that I just kicked back and enjoyed the day by the fire, working on a new puzzle.

Day Four 3-10-2022
Today started out with my unearthing my Big Mouth Bass portable photo studio, and my Octagon mirrors. My plan was since today was supposed to be in the 50’s outside I would take photos out on the back deck using reflections in the mirror. But to make that work I needed to have the portable studio to block out the deck roof.
So I started with no real plan grabbing things cleaning and dusting them organizing them and then photographing some.

The Christmas tree topper star has been one of my favorite things to photo and I thought it would look cool on the mirror. It did.

I also grabbed the copper colander took out all the turquoise glass beads and cleaned them all up. I thought that the colander would look great on the mirror, and this is my favorite shot. It was the first post on the challenge for today.
Then I played with the glass beads

and added a few marbles

And then I grabbed an older cobalt blue bottle I have had for 50+ years and some of the turquoise glass beads in a jar.

Another fun afternoon with the camera…

Day Five 3-12- 2022

So today was a nice day which I used for a bit of fire prevention yard work, pulling sage brush and rabbit brush. Then I decided to see what everybody else had posted for the challenge today and well I was inspired again. Yesterday I had photographed the old Smith Carona Skywriter typewriter that I picked up a few years ago, I wanted to try again today. I ended up liking yesterday’s shot better, So I posted it.

Another photographer had posted a shot of a clover leaf, and I had thought about doing that earlier in the week but hadn’t found what I was looking for. Today was really no exception but I had a different idea. Instead of photographing them in the yard, pick a few leaves and photograph them in the portable studio. While I was choosing the leaves, I also noticed the yellow violas in bloom, so I picked one of those, then later I went back for another bloom. after a while I put them in a small bowl of water and then decided to photograph that.
This was my favorite and I Posted it for Day Six

Tomorrow is a new challenge I am Ready…