This week’s challenge is Green. I admit since it is St. Patrick’s Day this week, I was kind of expecting it. But when the subject came up, I thought I already photographed the clover yesterday, now what???
I sat down and the thoughts just started coming, then I wandered around the house a bit and noticed the china cabinet filled with green depression glass and I had it.
Day One 03-14-2022
So for my first post the featured photo above was the chosen one however I was having quite the time with this subject and really don’t know why I never thought to photograph the glass before.
I started with this and just the easy to grab green glass

But I quickly realized that I didn’t have the larger measuring cups that were my grandmas, so I went back for more

While I was gathering the glass, I noticed some frogs and added them to my collection. One frog was much more photogenic than the others so

Tomorrow I will have to come up with something new….
Day Two 03-15 -2022
Today I decided to try and make some coffee sock filters, I got my first one made and thought hmm this pair of green handled scissors would work, and so would the green handled seam ripper and I have lots of green thread and fabric…

and today’s subject was made…
Day Three 03-16-2022
Today I was inspired by Green Eggs

This was my challenge photo for today, I titled it “Yes I have Green Eggs…. but no ham
I was having a good time with the eggs out on the back deck took so many photos my camera numbers rolled over from 9999 to 0001.

This was the shot I was originally thinking about posting but then decided it didn’t have enough green.

after I had put everything away I noticed that the light had moved and filled the portable studio and that the mirror would be good to put the eggs on and get a reflection shot. This was my favorite one.
Day Four 3-17-2022

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Day Five 3-18-2022
Today went to the frogs…

I had a great time setting this one up. It was another chilly gray morning / day and I had thought I need to do another frog especially since there are several real frogs showing up on the challenge. I might have started something….. This one took some work since I wanted the frogs and the cups to be reflected in the mirror but didn’t want myself in my old sweatshirt or the redwood color siding of the house to show up.

Then I added the red frog. I didn’t post this one though maybe some time later.
of course, one of the other members had to post and another posted a pretty frog broach, and the idea was set. Took me a while to find all the frog pins. I had them on a quilt and two other places. Buried.

One of them was a worry stone frog I had in my pocket for years.
Day Six 3-19-2022
For some reason I thought today was Sunday… I am so confused…
I did already have a photo for today though I took it yesterday or maybe it was the day before…

I liked the frost on the tulip leaves showing that mother nature is not ready to give up her frosty ways.
Day Seven 3-20-2022

My last photo for this challenge is the planting of the green peas. Spring is finally here according to the calendar.
Ready for the next challenge