3-21-2022 Day One

This week’s challenge is Side Lighting. Where the item is lit up by strong light from one side creating highlights and shadows. The eggs were one of my favorite things to photograph working with side light.
Day One 3-21-2022
My first thought was to go to the photos I took at the Deschutes County Library and post one of the tree shadow shots.

I had noticed this when we were standing in line at the library for our Covid Booster shot last November and it took a while, but I finally went early enough in the day last February to get it. Then I had to wait till we had a challenge subject that it fit into.
Then since today was a dark gray day I decided to use the inside photo studio but it was so dusty I had to clean first…. Hate cleaning….. but afterwards, I had a great time playing with the green and brown eggs and the jars of marbles and beads.

Finally it was time to put stuff away and quit for the day. But… as I was cleaning up I noticed the side lighting on the studio so I photographed that…..

Day Two 3-22-2022
Today was cleaning day again. I wanted to clean up the wall of shelves next to my desk. It badly needed a good cleaning and reorganization. But I did manage to list a couple photos.
the first was another shot of the eggs on a mirror.

After I did that I thought about trying to photograph the lizards on my bathroom wall that gets a late morning strong side light.

I then spent the rest of the day cleaning.
Day Three 3-23-2022
Today was another day of dusting the wall shelves and then my camera didn’t work for the Zoom meeting. But the shelves look really good.
while I was waiting for the zoom meeting to start, I grabbed my jar of marbles and jars of glass beads and took them out to the back deck studio box. I had to adjust the curtains to give a more side light because the light was pretty diffuse and played with them for about 45 minutes. This was the photo I posted for today

Day Four 03-24-2022

My early daffodil started to open yesterday. I didn’t think I would be able to get a side light shot of it, but then I remembered, that it gets some low afternoon light that requires me to crawl around on the ground. I spent about an hour on this flower, coming in downloading the photos going out and trying again. But I got it.

This shot was used in the challenge. you can even see the light reflecting off of a couple spider webs.
Day Five 3-25-2022
Yesterday afternoon we went back to Cold Springs CG and took photos, it was a great little hike and I got lots of photos, the picnic table was the first photo I decided to show in the challenge

I had planned on using the standing trees later but never got around to it. I love the way the light was glancing off of the bracken ferns.
Then for today since I had spent yesterday hiking, I had to get some work done in the yard. It is time to be thinking about fire prevention and brush removal is the plan to protect my place this summer. I had gotten a new pair of gloves and some new loppers for taking out the brush. Since I really hate to wear the gloves the wheelbarrow benefits, and of course I had the camera.

This became my last post in the challenge for today.
Day Six 3-26-2022
Today is another nice day for yard work. I had already decided to use one more of the Cold Springs CG hiking trip photos
I really liked the aspen leaves and pine needles on the ground with the side light.

Then because I was out working in the yard, I noticed Nova posing again. So she made the challenge post as well.

Day Seven 3-27-2022
Today was high overcast and there was no side light, but I knew it was coming, it was in the weather forecast. So I had decided to save the daffodil photos for today. This one I posted

This one I decided didn’t really fit but I liked it so I will put it here

The week is over and tomorrow is a new challenge. Cant wait.