A sense of scale is when you put an object in your photo that is recognizable to the viewer as a specific size or scale, giving the viewer and idea of the items photographed.

Day One 3-28-2022
It is a dark spring morning and the new challenge is in today. The photo above was my first idea, using the platform boxes and a dice as my subject.

The next idea used the pottery ball some marbles and an orange.

It took only seconds for the two to merge when I went out with all of my props

and the locations to change

But after a morning of playing with the props I got hungry and one of them became Breakfast.

Then one of the other members in the challenge group, said he thought the big orange ball was a bowling ball, and another one snickered. My housemate said of course not my ball is purple and another idea was born

Day Two 3-29-22
Today dawned sunny and cold. I had decided to try and photograph Mt. Jefferson with the irrigation lines in the field, off of Highway 20. I have driven past this a bazillion times and only stopped to photograph them a couple. Today was the day. My first trip I had decided to leave one of my lenses home, thinking that it was going to be a wide angle lens shot. WRONG!!!! I grabbed some shots but I was frustrated. I went home. The morning frost had coated all of the yard flowers with frost and so I spent time photographing them with water drops from the melted frost. Feeling much better I decided to grab the longer lens and go photograph mt. Jefferson again. This time I got what I wanted. So this became my second post.

I had also come up with the idea to photograph the various clothes pins I have. Most of them are for display but since I had 4 different sizes….

Day Three 03-30-2022
Today was as predicted gray and cloudy. I had a photograph ready to go from yesterday’s photo trips. But as I was sitting at my desk, I happened to glance at this little coffee mug sitting on my shelves. Hmm what if I combined that mug with some coffee beans….

after a couple try’s this was my favorite. I titled it Yes please. No cream or sugar. It is one of those collector mugs that is sold to people and is only an inch tall.

Day Four 3-31-2022
My plan was to use a photo I took a couple days ago but I kept going past my outside lightbox Big Bass with the display blocks in it, and another idea was hatched. What if I showed the size of the lightbox with the table it sits on and the blocks inside. Soon I said what if I grabbed the other smaller lightbox and put it inside the bigger one with the blocks in it? I included the table in the shot as a size reference but then decided that I also needed to add the chair. To give a size reference for the blocks I included one of my coffee mugs and decided to coordinate it with the color of the tablecloth.

Day Five 4-01-2022
Happy April Fools day. I won’t be playing any April fools jokes though.
I spent quite a bit of time photographing the daffodils and tulips. But this shot was the most perfect for the subject and I love the repeat color of the coffee mug.

Day Six 04 02 2022
I woke up at 6:30 thinking about the photoshop program and what exactly do I need or want to do…. for the most part, my print shop with do what I want with my JPEG photos but won’t work on my RAW shots. Since I do both it is not an issue unless I want to really do some major work on a shot. I am thinking about On 1 but right now I really don’t need to spend the money on it. Those thought created the desire to work on photographing something….. anything….. After a couple hours of yard work I was able to give in to those desires…. 2 hours later and 140+ shots later I got some good shots. I just couldn’t share them all on the challenge….
I tapped the shelves on the wall next to my computer desk, for photo subjects. A basket with balls of string and wooden apples. More balls of string stashed and a couple of real apples and I had my subjects.

Somewhere in the middle of my fun I had the idea to add my cup of coffee to the mix but It was the wrong color

So I poured the coffee into the Red mug and it was much better.

Day Seven 4-03-2022
I couldn’t stand it. I had photographed the balls of string on the back deck steps and well I thought I could do better. So, I grabbed both baskets and took them back outside.

While I took a lot of both baskets I spent the most time with the white and cream colored string balls.

Then I got the idea to make them go up the stairs.

my favorite view was looking up while I was laying on the ground, of course my assistant had to come down and see if I was ok

I got quite the face wash for that idea.
Now it is time to end this weeks challenge and tomorrow will be a new subject.