The challenge for this week is using one Lens all week. I am thinking that it might be a good way to learn how to use the manual lenses with this camera. So, I chose the 24 mm lens. I have a manual lens and a zoom auto focus lens so I can bounce back and forth between them depending on the weather challenge.
Day One 4-04 2022
The weather is a challenge today. It is 41 degrees outside with a 3-5 mph wind and raining. I also think I saw a few snowflakes… I can’t feel my toes, my fingers are so cold they are tingling, my knees and elbows are wet, and my hair keeps blowing into my face and lens. I went out several times….

This is my favorite shot, and I went out to photograph it a couple times. I liked the mix of the blooming pansies and the almost ready to bloom tulips. I had some background issues because of the lens but I am thinking later in the week I can deal with that. Today the weather was in charge.
My second favorite shot was a couple pottery vases I tried them in several places and this one was it.
Well the weather changed my submissions to the challenge and I ended up using this shot about the weather

Today the weather is continuing its siege and the wind is picking up. a good day to stay inside and read a photo book….
I liked the smooth vases against the natural rocks moss and juniper limbs.

Day Two 4-05 2022
Today dawned with fresh snow on the ground and if course I had to chase the sunrise.

Day Three 4-06-2022

I could not resist this shot that I took yesterday. I had just figured out how to make the fixed focal length 24 mm lens work with my newer high tech digital camera.
with this success I went out to Cold Springs Campground and had a good hike

It is spring yet? I caught this little strawberry plant peeking out from under the bracken ferns.
Susan, the germies, and I continued on along the trail where it connected to a new snowmobile or cross country trail.
I had photographed these Ponderosa Pine trees a couple weeks ago and just didn’t like the shots. So with the 24 lens I tried it again and got what I wanted. Susan had walked into the shot as I took it.

and this shot where I tried to capture the height of the trees.
It was a good hike and a warm day.
Day Four 04-07-2022
The forecast was for 80 degrees today and I thought it would be a good morning to go into Bend and take photos of downtown. I parked between downtown and the library so I could go get some new books to read this weekend when the weather is not conducive to photography. My first building was the old Bend Post office built in 1932 and opened in 1933. The post office moved out of it in the 80 and it has been added to the historic register of vintage buildings.

Day Five 4-8-2022
Yesterday’s shoot resulted in a lot of fun shots. Today’s post is the Tower theater in Bend.

After I finished my first round of photographing the old Bend post office, I headed across the street to my original target the Tower theater. I was surprised at the amount of construction and remodeling going on around it so that did affect the way I shot it. But I got some good shots anyway

Day Six 4-09-2022
Today is Windows from the same Bend downtown trip.
I like to photograph windows

This last shot made it to the challenge for today.
Day Seven 4-10-2022

I really liked the reflection of the ponderosa Pine trees and the awning at the Brooks Street Prominade in this window.
and the last photo, I took Wednesday when it was a nice warm sunny day

My lenses were not happy being ignored all week.
I have to admit Day seven I went to a couple of my other fixed focal manual lenses. but I was having such success with the 24 I wanted to try the other lenses.
My first lens was the 150mm

I liked the angle and the fact that I had to get away from the tulips to get the close in shot I wanted.
then I decided to go with the 135mm lens not as powerful so I could get a bit closer

I really liked that so I am thinking I have a lot to choose from when taking photos using my fixed focal lenses and I can leave the zoom lenses on the shelf. Or not…
Tomorrow is a new challenge …. I can’t wait to see what it is…