This challenge is to post a series of shots in a collage format of at least 3 or more shots. This is another hard challenge for me because I have no patience for the computer end of this hobby
Day one 4-11-20
Today I woke up to snow and wind. Looking to this weather as an opportunity to get some cool snow shots of the tulip blossoms or buds. Then the challenge came up on my E-mail and I was hyped. It is something I want to try but have had no incentive. Well this challenge has given me the incentive, now I just have to get past the mental block I have regarding this processing program. Not an easy task. In trying to get my first collage I wrestled with paint shop, then I tried to download lightroom but could not open it in my computer, and finally went to a program called Canva. I got almost what I wanted but at least I got something

Day Two 4-12-2022
So I was really not happy with my first attempt at doing a collage, but it was the incentive to try again with another series of photos. This time I chose some oldie but goodie shots of old cars and trucks. I started with 6 different vehicles and had 10 different shots and I sat down at the computer and typed in how to make a collage with Paint shop pro 2018. I found a simple description and tried it and re tried it and deleted and started over and then added more photos and subtracted the number of vehicles to just one.

These three photos became

and for the final shot which I posted

feeling really good about this I decided to redo my first attempt of the tulip’s pansies and daffodil in the snow and came up with the shot for my featured photo.
Day Three 4-13-2022
Today I decided to give the tulips in the snow another try. I liked the collage

This was much easier with the paint shop program than the first one. So I decided to do my favorite old fire truck.

That one worked great. I am most definitely enthused.
Day Four 4-16-2022
I took a couple days off. Well yesterday I photographed this shot and put it together this afternoon. with this story:
Imagine a city in my mind. The name of this fair metropolis is TherMos. It was founded by Stanley Aladden TherMos back in the good ole days. It is an uplifting city filled with much warm joy.
The first shot is in the morning when the sun has just started to light the sky but has not risen past the horizon.
The second shot is the city, just as the sun is coming up lighting the city but not defining colors.
The Third shot is much later in the day (after my coffee break) when the sun is higher. Color is well defined and you can feel the warmth of the sun on the city.

I photographed the reflection of the clear paneling with the sun shining, though it as it was reflecting light into the bass lightbox. that background was a nice neutral background. I will have to come up with more if I want to do more of this kind of shots
Day Five 4-17- 2022
Again I went into my old files and pulled some photos. I originally thought wild flowers but ended up with Big Leaf and Vine Maple leaves
My first college was this

Then I decided to rearrange them a bit and got this shot which is the one I posted for today

and finally I decided to see what it looked like framed

and I liked that as well but the frame was the same as the thermos city so I didn’t use it.
Another challenge week has ended and I had fun with it. Much more fun than I first thought I would
Now for next weeks challenge….