Flat Lay is photographing objects as they are laying flat on a surface and photographed with the camera perpendicular to the items.
Day One 4-18 -2022
The Sand Lilly’s were in bloom and yesterday was the first I saw them. When this challenge came out I realized that they were the perfect subject for my first shoot. I went out and unearthed my tripod from inside the car and got to work.

and here is how I got it.

I also spend much of today photographing subjects that would make good backgrounds for more compilation photos. The floorboards of the back deck were one of those subjects. Then I got the bright idea to photograph feathers on it. I am always picking up feathers in the yard and along trails. I also bought some Peacock feathers several years ago. While photographing the feathers I decided to add the inspirational glass beads because they were the right colors. This is the photo I also decided to post on the challenge

Day Two 4-19-2022
Today I had a bit of a loose ambiguous timeline for the photographs. The weather forecast was for wind and rain. But first thing in the morning it was calm and there was sunshine through the clouds. My idea was to take the old pair of hiking boots and put them with a couple books, one hiking, one wildflowers. Then put my old K1000 camera and a lens or two that I would use if I were hiking on the hunt for wildflowers. I set them up on the pathway in my back yard.

I titled it: Patience… Snow in the mountains now, means Spring Wildflowers in the mountains in June.
I beat the weather the rain came in after I finished.
Later I decide to play with the dining table on the back deck. I had a couple packs of Lifesavers candies. (Well actually one and a half packs) and I set them up to photo

Lifesavers. For those days when….
Day Three 4-20-2022
Today was a blustery cold day. The light was flat until you were ready to take the photo and then the sun would poke out. I was glad I had photographed the tulips yesterday and could use them for my first shot posting in the challenge

Then for today I concentrated on something new. Today was the glass beads and marbles. I took out several colors and the multicolored marbles. I also took out a couple different fabrics. The dyed Navy-blue fabric was the best. I had a vision of a large swirl opening up.

I also played with some knitting needles and some yellow pencils with this fabric, but I will re photograph them tomorrow. I liked the pencils but think I can do better with the knitting needles. I might even break out the multicolored paper clips….. who knows.
Day Four 4-00-2022
Today was the knitting needles I had two favorites that I took this morning

but before I could get the second one posted I got sidetracked and took this shot instead and posted it.

Day Five 4-22-2022
I had this plan to photograph some colored paper clips on some burlap, that didn’t happen. I got sidetracked with my Scrabble letters a Scrabble Board

I was chasing the light on this one, and the shot was so big I had to set it up on the cement area where the deck steps are. I did about 40 and had picked the best one when I realized I had misspelled challenge and had to do it all over again.
Then a couple of the guys were photographing what was in their pocket. I didn’t have anything in my pocket so I decided to photograph stuff from my desk, in the drawers, and around my desk,

Again the display ended up being much bigger than I could photograph, but I worked on it and ended up having to stand on a chair just to see in the viewfinder.

Day Six 4-23-2022
Remember those colored paper clips I had thought about photographing? I finally got to them this morning. my idea was to limit the shot to one background some dk Brown Burlap and use only the colored paper clips and the solid colored marbles. Then I would put them in my Paint shop and make a college out of the shots

It turned out pretty interesting.
Day Seven 4-24-2022
So I spent all of yesterday afternoon working on this next shot. I had gone to an estate sale this weekend and picked up some spice tins, and bottles of flavoring and food coloring. I bought them just to photograph. It took a lot of work to get just the right shot. the display was bigger than I thought it would be. I need a lower table if I am going to be doing more of that type of shoot.

Today I decided it was a perfect day for some work in the greenhouse and a couple of my rock flowerbeds. After I got done, I decided the afternoon light was perfect and I should take more photos. With the tripod I worked on the perfect shots. That was hard because the legs were never where I needed them to be. But I got the shots and decided that this pansy shot would be the final for this week’s challenge

Tomorrow will be a new challenge and I have to admit I sure had fun with this one.