This week’s challenge is behind the scenes. Show what you do to get the photograph, the stuff nobody sees in the final shot

Day One 4-25-2022
For today I had planned on working on weeding another flowerbed, I hadn’t decided which I was going to work on, until the new challenge came out. Well that decides which flowerbed. The flowerbed with the pansies and I can work on my challenge at the same time.

Here is my final shot, and then on the side I show myself weeding around the pansies and how I got the overhead shot.
While I was working on the pansy flowerbed, the germies were racing around the back yard and at some point, one of them took a shortcut through some of my tulips creaming them.
I picked them up took them in the house and put them in a vase. After I was done with the pansies I came in and noticed the tulips and decided to photograph them as well. Spent a good half an hour or more on them

I got quite a few good shots from them.
Day Two 04-26-2022
I woke up at 3:30 this morning wondering what I was going to do for the challenge shoot today. I was finding that shooting with my tripod was not as flexible as I wanted, and because of the faster ISO I could shoot with a faster shutter speed and a higher F stop. I just don’t use the tripod that much. This shoot would be one that I really don’t need the tripod except to show the camera. after a while I realized that I don’t need to show How I shoot the photos as much as I show how I think when I am shooting.
So I gathered everything I wanted to use for this shoo and started playing. My plan was to make what I gathered the main shot and the some of my favorite shots around it.

Day Three 04-27-2022
I decided to show another one of my favorite photo shooting spots and decided to use the back deck steps.

I could not decide which background I should use for the three photos so I did one that was from the front deck with more weathering. This was the one I chose to post and then,

Then I put the three photos on the back deck boards that are more protected from the weather. I chose the first one because it was closer to the color of the steps.
Day Four 4-29-2022
What to photograph today? I need to get some yard work done and well …. that became my subject

I then spent the next couple of days working on the projects.
So no more behind the scenes shots
But today is Sunday May 1 and I did finish the projects here is a shot of the back yard with the new chicken wire up

It is the end of another week and tomorrow is a new challenge…. I am ready…..