Water the elixir of life. A necessity for Earth. a necessity for plants, insects and animals.
there are many different ways to photograph water. you can slow it down and make it smooth with a show shutter speed, or you can catch individual drops as they land on the ground, or you can photograph it in a glass filled with ice cubes. The choices are endless

Day One 5-02-2022
My first planned trip out is headed further into the High Desert where there is little water. The challenge is Water. SIGH!!!!!
What to do for today since the trip is for Wednesday. I came up with several quick scenarios, this is the one I chose to try

My first thought was I need a bottle of water to photograph, but I hate buying it when I have perfectly good water at home, that tastes better. So I went with a glass of water with a straw in it. then I decided to add a pitcher and since I was reaching in the China cabinet for the pitcher I grabbed a depression era lemonade glass. after a while I decided to add ice cubes. The interesting thing is that the temp outside was in the 40s with a 15 mph wind making it Freezing even in the protected area. It was so chilly that the ice cube chips were not melting on the tablecloth.

Day Two 5-03-2022
My plan for today’s shoot was to go to the Old Mill District and the pedestrian bridge across the river. I wanted to get some photos of people Kayaking Canoeing or Paddle boarding. I had decided to go later in the afternoon because I was more likely to get people on the river, but I had to contend with the afternoon haze, and harsh light. but I did get some good shots.

I was pretty pleased with the bridge shots. I need to come down here more often.
Day Three 5-04-2022
I had a trip to Shaniko planned and since it is a semi Ghost town on the High Desert, I figured out there was not likely to be much standing water. So I planned ahead and brought a glass with water in a jug. good thing to because they day is in the mid 80’s and not a lot of shade.

I did get several good shots and a lot more So, so shots. but it really was an exploratory trip. Hoping we can go back later in the season maybe next fall….
Day Four 5-05-2022
What a difference from the last two days. The storm fronts are arriving. I went out to photograph rain on anything. I got it I started with this shot of the Clover holding the rain drops

My real goal though was to go to the Metolius River and bridge 99 and photograph the river from there. The weather was changing and there was a forecast for wind so I had hoped to get a bit of rain and maybe nobody at the campground. Well one out of two isn’t bad. I got the bit of rain.

This shot there was a bit of sun shining through the trees while the wave of light showers blew through….
Day Five 05-06-2022
I had planned on using more shots from the Metolius but found something better for today.
I needed to water inside my greenhouse and other flowerbeds under the junipers where the rainwater is usually blocked or light. Both of my germies were excited I got the water out and they were trying to get squirted, so I found a sprinkler, hooked it up to the garden hose, got my camera and turned it on.

They were soaking wet and loved every minute of it.
Day Six 5-07-2022
Todays shot is a return to Thursdays trip to the Metolius. I had wanted to show the river on both sides of the bridge because it is different this shot is looking north down river from the bridge.

It was raining this morning and I was as usual out photographing. This time I concentrated on the water drops on the pansies, while I didn’t put this shot on the challenge, it did go on Facebook.

Day Seven. 5-08-2022
We are closing in on Water and there is so much more I wish I could have gone and photograph. But much of what I wanted to do is now under snow, much needed snow. Frozen water.. waiting for me later this spring or summer.
for todays shot I again went back to the Metolius shoot and posted the Corn lilies leaves in the rain.

I think I will end this post with a final Metolius river shot.

On to next weeks challenge, what ever it may be…..