Blurry Foreground is the challenge for the week. Now this is something I don’t do often because I usually don’t like it. I love it when I see others use it but not so much when I do it.
Day one 5-09-2022
I went out into the back yard and looked for subjects to photograph. Didn’t take long as usual.

I loved the way the sun was shining through the bunchgrass and knew that it would make a perfect subject. I wandered around the back yard photographing as I went. The featured shot was actually on of the last shots I took. Imagining other ideas to do for the remainder of the week.
Day Two 5-10-2022
So my first shot of the columbines actually became my shot for the challenge today.
Then I went out to my greenhouse to see if my seedlings had survived the 26 degree night. I noticed the green strawberry and the blooms and thought I could shoot that for this challenge, while I was shooting the strawberry I noticed the Christmas lights and that the red one looked like a strawberry.

That became a second post for the challenge today.
Day Three 5-11-2022
I went into Sisters to photograph the Garden of Edan’s garden art. There is a lot of cool garden art and it was kinda tuff to get a good shot for the challenge.

I also liked this shot but didn’t post it. Yet…

Day Four 5-12-2022
Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in the sun reading when I noticed that my oldest German Shepherd was also laying in the sun. I thought I could get some closeups of her eyes with the nose blurry. She didn’t like that Idea

But after a bit I got the shots I wanted of her.

And because the youngest has to participate as well.

It was getting close to her dinner time, She wanted to remind me of that
Day Five. 5-13-2022
I used a photo that I had taken a couple days ago when I got my greenhouse watering system up and running.

I loved the hanging water drops
Day Six 5-14-2022
Tulips. I decided to photograph the tulips from under the blooms. Getting down was easy but getting up on a pathway that has a slight incline. Not so much

I had also noticed the light shining through the Iris leaves so I shot them earlier

I liked the way the light shone through only part of the leaves and the raindrops were on the darker leaves.
Day Seven 5-15-2022
I was playing with the compilation feature on my paint shop program when I got the bright idea to do the blurry foreground. I spent the afternoon rephotographing the tulips, dandelions, pansies, grass, and strawberries. I even added the euphorbia and hens and chicks’ sedums. Then I spent a couple hours playing with different arrangements. after the 5th arrangement I was happy, although I did think of another but what the heck maybe another day another project….

So this week is finishing and tomorrow is a new challenge. I am ready….