Week Two and the challenge subject is Silhouettes. I have done silhouettes many times so, how to do it was easy, but the first challenge for me was that day 1 started out cloudy and the light was quite diffused. Hard to get a good silhouette when there is no direct light. My first photo here doesn’t really show the silhouette as a dark object with no front detail. I took it out on the back deck, and because I didn’t want the deck panels to show I used the bokeh shallow focus as well.
I also thought I would try photographing a couple vases. I bought these many years ago, and had thought they would make fun subjects.
Day One 01 -10 2022

Again the light was really too diffuse but I gave it my best shot.

After a while I gave up I just didn’t like what I was getting, plus I had to make a trip into town. By the time we got back it was later in the afternoon and the sun was out. So I decided to try again in the living room window where I knew I had a directional light

I finally came up with this shot that I cropped a bit later. So this became my first challenge post for this week.
Day Two 1-02-2022

What I really wanted was a silhouette of the mountains. This is the 3 Sisters, they really were not my target I was hoping for some good shots of Broken top or maybe Mt Washington or 3 Finger Jack. All of them visible from the Viewpoint on Highway 20 near Sisters. This is the shot I used for the challenge. But there were so many cool shots, and I took a lot of them 75 to be exact.

This is how the light started when I got to the viewpoint.

Soon the color started showing up over Broken Top and next to South Sister.

And Mount Washington.

Everywhere I looked there was color for the snapping.

I had to lighten this one a bit but I love it.
However my most favorite shot was this one of 3 finger Jack

I shot till there was no more color. I was the last person to leave the viewpoint and I got some great shots.

and so the second week is over tomorrow there will be a new subject. Curious as to what Nicole will come up with next…