A unique perspective is the challenge for today. Taking a shot you might make standing up and shoot it from the ground or climb a ladder and shoot down on it. Shoot though something to give a varied effect. Close in or back up. Change the lens. Make the shot your unique photo…
I have been trying to shoot a day ahead on these challenges lately. So on day one I really go all out and then by day two I have something to post, and I can be shooting for day three. The only drawback is sometimes I want to post the photos on the challenge the day I shoot them…. on the plus side if I choose not to shoot or the weather is not cooperative I still have something to post.

Day One 5-16-2022

I have a ton of yard work to do and just like that the cheat grass is starting to bloom. I have an ongoing war with the grass. I decided it would make a good photograph, so I set up the hoe and then got down on the walk way and rolled around till I got the shots I wanted. this was the photo I chose for the challenge.
Then I decided to do a challenge idea that another member of the group did. She photographed through a jar. So I picked a bunch of jars and a glass, grabbed my camera and 3 lenses.

Ok I made it more complicated and in truth the wide 24mm lens worked the best.

This shot through the hectogon jar was the one I posted.

Day Two 5-17-2022
After I got done trying to photograph flowers through glass jars, I decided that I needed to try something different. So I grabbed my little scissors and started cutting pansies. I filled up a large mixing bowl full of them.

Then played with them and the jars I had pulled for the other shoot.

and the one I posted for the challenge .

I also decided since I was still working in the front flowerbed, I would shoot me pulling that infernal cheat grass

Day Three 5-18-2022
Yesterdays post involved a vintage Kerr canning jar. A 1903 vintage jar, and the pansies I had picked the day before. One of the other members of the challenge made the remark that it was not a Ball jar. So I had to photograph the pansies with the Ball jars, and while I was at it I added some dandelions and some bunch grass heads. I also grabbed the jar filled with marbles.

I moved in, and out and I rearranged them

When I thought I was done I put the bunch grass in the same jar as the dandelions and liked that combination so well I went out and took shots of them,

Day Four 5-19-2022

Is it Spring yet?

Day Five 5-19-2022
I took a lot of photos on day 3 and 4, So now I am posting them
I had a great time with the jars and marbles

This is my first post for the challenge today. I had been trying to make a jar look like it was floating and had pulled these clear marbles out. When I got done with them, I started to put them back in this pint size jar and happened to pass it over the bowl of pansies seeing the reflection in the pansies I moved to a tabletop put a single pansy down on a white background and photographed it. I tried several colors. The dark purple and the Yellow were my favorites for this project. After I shot them with the pint size jar I moved to a vintage quart size jar and put the marbles around the edge. the larger jar had a circular bottom, and I could line up the pansy in the center and photograph it.

This is what I posted for the challenge this afternoon

here is what the same shot with a purple pansy looked like.

Day Six 5-20-2022
I decided to photograph the pansies loose on the Styrofoam balls and liked the simplicity and colors

and sometimes when the creative muse is in full action, you never know what will show up.

Day Six 5-00-2022
I spent the day weeding 2 flowerbeds late in the afternoon I noticed the cumulus clouds building, and decided to try and photograph them. The shots were at best So so, but I noticed the slanting sunlight making the relief of the Sun garden art attached to my deck really striking. I spent quite a bit of time working on that, even when the sun went behind those clouds.
Here is the first shot I posted

This second shot was a bit later when the sun moved behind a cloud

Day Seven 05 22-2022
After Fridays weeding session I managed to tweak my knee. While trying to rest my knee I decided to read on the back deck. HAH!!!! It wasn’t long before I noticed the container of sea glass, I bought a couple years ago and decided to photograph it. I spent a couple hours with it. It was quite enjoyable as long as I paid attention on how I placed my knee in relation to my ankle and hip.
Here is the photo I posted.

Now where did I put that Dang Lizard?
Another fun week with the challenge. Tomorrow is a new challenge…