Shadows. So this challenge is to make a photo where the shadow is a large part or the main part of the scene. Or include it as a primary suggestion in a scene.
Day One. 5-23-2022
Already I am having problems with this Challenge. Mother Nature has decided I am not going to get good shadow shots for today. I went out and took several shots but every time I got the shot set up mother nature would scoot a cloud In front of the sun. When I would go inside she would bring the sun back out.
So I just went inside and made my own shadows… The featured shot was the one I posted.
Then I decided to shoot this glass egg.

Now mother nature has decided to let the sun shine. Too Late….
Day Two 5-24 -2022
Today the sun is shining and no clouds on the mountains. So the plan to go up on Sage Ranch Butte won’t work. Second plan go to Cold Springs Campground. I took several shots but really only had a few I liked and one for the challenge.

Day Three 5-27-2022
I have been busy working on the yard and gotta admit mother nature has not been giving me shadows to work with. It has been nice warm and high overcast. While I was working around my greenhouse, I noticed this little frog come out from the shadows of the greenhouse finding a nice safe spot to watch me work. it pushed the limit of the shadows but it is what I had…

Day Four 5-28-2022
The sun came out bright enough to make good shadows. I grabbed my camera ran outside and started to shoot my shadow on the driveway. Pretty soon I had an assistant as Stockings wanted to see what I was doing.

Here is the shot I posted

and then I got creative, grabbed the aqua colored canning jar, the glass egg, and a few other items that I thought might create good shadows. For about an hour I played, then the clouds started rolling in and the shadows started going away. I decided to make a composition shot using the different shadow shots and a blank deck shot. But the blank deck shot just wasn’t right. Then it started to rain and I thought a shot of the raindrops on the deck would be a perfect background.

This was the second shot I posted to the challenge today.
Day Five 5-29-2022
Another morning with the sun shining, lots of shadows, but dang that 12mph wind is a bit cold. I grabbed the camera and hoped for the best. Lots of shadows all I had to do was find the good ones and try to photograph them without being blown away.
I liked the look of the sun shining through the Iris leaves

Then I noticed the sun and shadows on the bunchgrass as it was blowing in the wind. So I photographed it with the sun and shadows

Then I decided to try one of the earlier challenge assignments Motion Blur. The light and the wind made it perfect

So now it is Sunday again, and the challenge is done for the week. Tomorrow is another challenge….