The Challenge this week is reflection.
The reflection of objects in a shiny surface or water. I had a great time with an old mirror that I removed from my house because it was UGLY, but I had not gotten rid of it. I think while the weather was not conducive to a lot of reflections, I was able to find other ways of reflections. I even went back and pulled one from my 2017 archives.
Day One 6-13-2022
I decided for this first day to photograph my Irises on a mirror. It was windy and so I figured on the protected back deck would work. Well not so much they were pretty battered so I grabbed some of the pansies that were lower to the ground and not impacted by the wind

I used my octagon mirrors and got this shot. Then I decided to try an ugly mirror I removed from one of my bathroom medicine cabinets

It worked better than I could have imagined. I was able to get some nice looking Iris and combined them with the pansies. I realized that the mirror didn’t look so bad in the photographs.
Day Two 6-14-2022
So today I decided to try reflections in a window, or in this case my sliding glass door.

I grabbed a photograph of me reaching for the door handle and then I got the shot of one of my germies watching me through the window with my reflection as I was coming in.
Day Three 6-15-2022
Today I decided to grab one of my shots from 2017. I knew I had a lot of nice reflection shots and picked one from my first hike to Blue Pool

Day Four 6-16-2022
Today I had an idea about photographing those Iris again using that Ugly mirror, This time I would set the mirror beside the growing Iris and photograph them that way. I leaned it up against the deck and a screen that I had picked up somewhere in the past.

I started liking that ugly mirror more and more…..
Day Five 6-18-2022
One of the subjects I had wanted to photograph was the reflection of the Lazy Z barn in their stock pond. I got it.

Hoping to get more shots of this barn this year. I just have to make the effort to stop.
Day Six 6-19-2022
Today is Sunday and I hadn’t decided what to photograph today. I was sitting on the back deck in the sun, had just finished a book and grabbed a photography book I have been reading off and on. It was titled where is your work going. That started me thinking about the end of this website and that the last date would be soon. While I was sitting there in my chair I thought hmm can I take that ugly mirror set it up in a chair across from me and take a photo of me reflecting on where my work was going…. the featured shot was the result but I had a lot of fun shots too

Well for now there is another week and a half left and So as long as I have the site I can post more of the challenge. In the future I don’t know….. until then I am having fun