Photo challenge Week 3 is Black and White. Now this challenge I am getting into…. I like black and white photography but rarely remember to do it.
Today I was inspired to really play… I suspect the rest of the week I will be playing with this challenge….
Day one 1-17-2022
This is one of my favorite garden accents. I know I have posted photos of him before. I had actually been working on photographing some of my pottery collection in the back yard. I came in because I thought I was done for the day and spotted the light on the resin rock face. Grabbed my camera and out the front I went. Then I noticed the light change on the back deck….. I don’t know why I thought I was finished for the day…

This shot was on the back deck after the sun moved around to the south west. I had also decided to pull the curtain across to block the paneling wrapping the deck.
and with a subject of Black and White who could miss with a Black and White cat…. My front yard assistant

Day Two 1-18 2022
Today started out cold and crisp with the sun peeking through the clouds. Eventually the clouds moved on to the north covering the mountains from Mt. Washington north to Jefferson. I had decided that now would be a good time to go climb Sage Ranch Butte. My goal was to photograph the 3 sisters and the leaning juniper in Black and White. I accomplished that goal.

I did a little post processing tweaking, of the exposures and the clarity. I am happy with them though the leaning tree really needed more sunlight shining on it. Probably in a month or two…. when the sun shifts more to the north…

Day Three 1-20 -2022
Yesterday was a gray day and not inspiring. Today started out gray but by this afternoon the sun had come out and overcast skies are gone.
I was noticing the sun shining through the juniper trees casting shadows on the cedar fence. Grabbing the camera, I headed out the back door, picking up two vases and a ball of jute along the way. There has to be something I can do with this light and that fence.

My efforts were being supervised by the artistic director.

I have to say just because the sun is shining does not mean that it is warm out there. I spent about half an hour and decided that it was a bit chilly, the sun would be dropping behind the mountain clouds soon. I put everything back on the deck table where I got it and went in. About 30 minutes later I noticed that the light was gone from the fence but still shining on the table on the back deck and I liked the arrangement of the items I had put back.

It was a good photo session.

Day Four 1-22-2022
This morning dawned cold and crisp. The temp outside was 21, after a couple hours it had warmed up to the 30s. A good day to work on limbing one of my large Juniper trees in the back yard. The plan is to get more of the early morning light into the greenhouse. After accomplishing that task I walked around the back yard and noticed that the still blooming pansies were glowing in the morning light. I photographed them in both color and Black and white

While I did manage to get a bit more light into the greenhouse, I didn’t get more to the area of the yard facing the north, just outside of the greenhouse. I didn’t expect too either. That area is always frozen most of the winter. I spotted these leaves frozen in the ice

This shot was the one I posted for the challenge today.
After photographing the pansies, I also photographed the rattan loveseat that holds nothing but seashells and juniper duff.

After I got these shots I wondered. Hmm I have had pretty good luck with this 90mm macro lens that is older than the digital cameras, what if I used one of my other A lenses? So I tracked down my 50mm A lens among the M lenses and gave it a try

Not bad Maybe tomorrow I will go out again in the morning and see what I can come up with, using the manual lenses.

Day Five 1-23-2022
Another nice clear frosty morning. The temp dropped to 20 early this morning, so I waited till it at least got up to 29. My goal today was to see what using my older manual A, 50mm lens would do. I did learn that while the lens talks to the camera, I still had to tell the camera what the focal length was. I also had to remember to change the focal length when I changed to the 90 mm macro. I had not done that on my first trip out to the back yard and decided what the heck go out and take the photos again with only the 50mm. As usual I got a lot of shots and some of them, I thought would be good, so I headed for the back deck. Only there on the steps were my German Shepheard’s. Watching. Now it is really hard to get a good photo of them because they never sit still together for more than 3 seconds, which is all I needed.

And then Aurora was done

Nova however was enjoying the attention and the warm spot on the steps

Pretty soon I got the squinty eyed look, her Joe Cool / snoopy look, I call it her Germy Cool look

I have seen this look on her many times. Head up, ears at attention, nose up, mouth open a bit. Eyes squinted. She is Enjoying her day.
So today is the last day of the Black and White challenge. I have had great fun with it and am looking forward to tomorrow’s new subject.