This weeks challenge is Motion Blur. I have done variations on this, and with the exception of waterfalls, I usually don’t like it. It is not my jam.
1-24-2022 Day One.
The morning dawned cool crisp and clear. No wind no breeze no motion…. what do I come up with for this week? The waterfalls I usually photograph are all inaccessible and probably under quite a bit of snow. There is a wind spinner in my front yard, but no wind and it is still. It is a good morning for some yardwork, and I will think on what to photograph. Eventually the pinwheels came to mind and if I used one of my fans to create a breeze?

It worked. Only problem I had was that the pinwheels kept turning away from the breeze.

Day Two 1-25 2022
Yesterday I took out a jar of glass marbles and beads, these are frequently used in vases for flower arrangements. I was trying to get the pin wheels to stand up in a pottery vase but didn’t take enough out to make that idea work. The colors were green turquoise and clear, even had a few fake pearl beads in the mix. They were in a jar, and I left them out with the idea that today I could catch the sun shining through them and playing with moving the camera on a slow shutter speed, showing motion.

It was a bit after 7am and 18 degrees. I was having a great time and not feeling the cold. That first sunlight comes in pretty strong and even a bit harsh.

Soon the sun moves behind a Juniper and I had to wait for it to come back to the table.
By 10 am it was back brighter than before

It was great fun but soon the light was gone again behind another larger juniper tree.
The shot I ended up using for the challenge was this one

I liked it because you could see they were contained in the jar with just the slightest bit of camera movement.
Day Three 01-27-2022
It was cold and foggy. There was Hoar /Rine frost everywhere, Perfect for photography but I only had one shot for the challenge that I liked. most of the other photos were frosty things.
I had thought to try panning but using my garden sculpture Farmer Fred. Fred doesn’t move so I figured if I went side to side I could give him some motion blur. It worked ok but he is way more blurry than I would of liked

It does appear as though he might be running through the garden though…
It is Sunday evening and I don’t plan on going out to take any photos today. So time for the next challenge subject