This weeks challenge is Texture. I love texture and boy do I have a lot around here.
It took me a while to get going this morning, the cold is not so much an issue as the breeze… Brrrr…
I took out 3 lenses. My favorite 90 mm Macro manual lens, my 50mm Manual A lens, and my 24 mm wide angle all manual lens. When it came to a choice which photos to publish all of them were the 90 Macro.
The featured photo was the last photo I took before I came in where it was warm.
Day One 01-31-2022

This photo was taken on my front deck. these lichens are sometimes the only color out here.

This is from a small section of my shed. It has been around probably 30 years and only painted once that I can tell. This is the grain of the wood showing through.

Day Two 02- 01-2022
15 degrees out there and no breeze. The car was covered in frost and the sun was just beginning to shine on it. Grabbing my camera and slipping on a set of shoes I headed out. A coat would have been good but when I am in the zone I don’t feel the cold

The drivers side window just before the sun hit it. I went in and downloaded those photos, then realized that the sun had moved and more of the car was highlighted by the sun. The back window and the passenger side windows.

the back window

and the passenger side window, where the sun is shining through the drivers side window on to the passenger side.

This is the photo I chose for my challenge shot today.

Day Three 02-02 2022
Today was kinda cheat day. I was having such a great time photographing yesterday that I posted a photo from yesterday on the challenge site. Of course, I then can post some of those photos for today’s post. I gotta admit it is kinda cloudy with a bit of sun. Just not interesting light to work with. Yesterday was great.
So I happened to be walking past some of the glass beads I collect and thought My those are dusty, and then “What if ?” What if you photographed? I spent the entire day collecting the beads cleaning them and putting them in containers

There is nothing like a nice display of freshly canned glass beads and marbles.
But here is how it started with these glass beads

A little smooth round texture with some water droplets splattered on them.
Then I added the darker beads. This is the photograph I posted in the challenge

and then I ran across this colorful cut glass brooch. What would the brooch look like on the beads?

and then the next “What If” question was, What would the brooch look like on the smooth river rocks?

It was a Fun day. I did have to restrain myself from bringing out the rest of my bracelets and earrings. Save that for another day. Like maybe tomorrow….
Day Four. 02 -03 -2022
Today I decided that I was going to photograph the little metal garden flag. I have had it maybe 10+ years, the spring holding it to the stake has broken and I pushed it back together, the paint is disappearing, and it is getting quite rusty. It still waves in the breeze and I see it every morning when I look out the front windows.

This is the Image I chose to post for the challenge
Then about an hour later the sun had moved around to light this side of the flag and I went out and photographed it again.

Day Five 02 -5-2022
I skipped a day, yesterday was kinda gray and cold. Not inspiring. Today was sunny and warm. I decided to try and get a good photograph of the barley head against the juniper stump. I have photographed this before and not really liked what I got but I keep trying.

of course I don’t end up photographing just one subject, and since I was working on texture, there are several more subjects to photograph.

Old Junipers make the best texture photos. This is a juniper that is along my driveway. Part of it has died and the live part has grown around it.

This section of the juniper tree is south facing the bark is gone and the weather has given it this golden red patina.
Finally I decided to photograph the Euphorbia that grows in my flowerbeds

I had a great time working on texture and now it is Monday. there is a new challenge. Gonna have to work on this next one a bit.