This weeks photo challenge is Framing. Pretty easy if you are thinking about it. I don’t always like them after I go back and look at them but I have had fun with it so far.
Day One 2-7-2022

This was my first submission for the challenge. I had noticed that two of the coffee cups were missing off the shelves, and I thought, What If I put one of them back on the shelf right side up? One of the missing cups was in my hand filled with coffee. The other was in the sink. I liked the blue one in my hand because it contrasted with the colors better than the dark red one. So on the shelf the blue one went with my coffee. I set up each side of the shelves so that the mug handles all went the same direction depending on what side they were on.

Here is the shot with the red mug in the center, I thought the colors blended in to much.

Day Two 2- 08 -2022
A trip to Sage Ranch Butte and I was in heaven with a beautiful morning and the mountains all out. Not a cloud in the sky. The featured photo was actually one of my later shots of the morning.
My plan was to photograph the mountains and to practice using my vintage manual lenses. It worked.

The first shot is North Sister and the second shot is both North and Middle Sister. I used my vintage manual 200mm-M lens. Since my lens is not capable of communicating with the camera I have to tell it what lens I am using. I have to shut off the camera and turn it back on to dial in the focal length. Next I have to decide what F/ Stop I want to use and preset that, then I adjust the Shutter speed to get what I hope is the right combination. One shot and I know if I need to go faster or slower. I can also adjust the ISO speed In this case I used 100 ISO F /16 with a shutter speed of 1/125 second. The interesting thing is that the focal length is doubled using the digital camera so the 200 mm lens is now a 400mm lens.

This is Mt. Washington on it I framed the mountain with the Junipers. I used my 90mm A Macro lens. this lens has the ability to communicate with the camera I only have to tell it what lens. So I have a shutter speed of 1/160 and an F stop of 13. The ISO was still 100. The camera also doubles the lens so it is actually a 180 focal length.

Three finger Jack is one of my favorite mountains to photograph because it has a lot of character. I used the 200 mm lens on this shot as well, F stop 16 and shutter speed 1/160 second ISO 100.
Gotta say I love these vintage lenses much better than the lighter weight plastic auto everything lenses. although I am finding that the manual lens really don’t weigh more than the telephoto auto lenses do. My heavy lens is the macro lens, and I use that lens the most. I am also learning that I need to be carrying a small pocket notebook and pen, so that I can adjust the F stop and record it because the camera cannot. Not hard since I used to do that all the time anyway.
Day Three 2-13- 2022
It was hard for me to get out and explore different areas. Even areas that I have explored before. I find myself anchoring in. Covid has been a good excuse and lately it is a big factor, but in truth I have always been that way. I explored Sage ranch canyon and butte area till I got so bored I didn’t want to go anymore. Using the excuse of a slightly aggressive coyote just helped me hold that line. Then a real dry summer and that excuse helped the anchoring in. Now we are working through the Covid restrictions and well, I should not be using that excuse anymore. I had decided to expand my photography horizons. Why not get out of the juniper forest and head to the Ponderosa Pine/ Aspen forest. Monday, I drove up to the Cold springs campground just to see if it was covered in snow and whether or not I could drive in. Also to check and see if there were any campers in the camping area. The snow has melted from the entrance to the campground and yes, I could drive into the parking area at the trailhead. Also, yes there was a camper in there, but they were far enough in the campground to not be a problem at the trailhead.
Today is the last day of the challenge and I have hardly taken any shots this week. I was trying to talk myself from going to the campground, I can go next week, I can wait till there are new leaves on the Aspens, I can….. STOP procrastinating, Just GO! I did and enjoyed the hour or so of hiking. I found a lot of cool shots and, almost none of them fit the framing challenge. I did come up with these 2 shots that would work

This is part of the trail that runs along the creek. In the winter the creek dries up because the source is frozen. The white is compacted snow where the trail crosses the creek, and I chose not to chance that slippery section. I crossed here and walked through the brush to the other side of the trail loop. Working my way back I crossed the creek bed and ended up at the original trail. almost at the end of the hike I turned around and noticed that the sun was highlighting some older Aspens and chose to photograph them.

This shot became the post for today on the challenge.
I have another shot that I actually took Monday evening and held till today. So, I will end this post with my framed fire shot.

I can feel the warmth already….