Day one 2-14-2022
This last week we have had temps in the upper 50s to the mid 70s Today the temp got up to the mid 40’s and then let loose. We had wind and sun and rain and snow and wind and sun…. Not the kind of weather to go out and find leading lines of any kind. Thank goodness I have a covered deck. I grabbed my scrabble letters and made today’s post.

Day Two 2-15-2022
After yesterdays weather I knew that it might be interesting in the back yard. It did not disappoint.

This last photo was taken as the sun was warming up the leaves. About an hour after the earlier ones were taken.

Day Three 2- 16-2022
Today I wanted to photograph Sage Ranch Road and maybe go into the canyon. I have liked some of the shots I have taken of the road over the years, but in the winter the road shows the wear created by frozen ground and a lot of SUV vehicle traffic. So I went into the canyon. The germies were so happy.

Starting at the big rocks, I was able to photograph the large rocks before the standing rocks leading the hiker to this spot, a great place for a quick break. But my goal was a spot further along behind the fence.
I forgot that the spot I wanted is in the shade in the morning with a bit of backlighting. My lens picks up the light and makes a good shot hard to get.

It is really a mid to late afternoon spot to shoot. Maybe tomorrow afternoon. But I turned around with my back to the sun and spotted this

This version was the one I decided on for leading lines.

Day Four 2- 17-22

It was late afternoon and I decided to make a trip to the BLM , first into the canyon and then up on the butte. I decided to photograph the lazy Juniper in black and white, which I really liked. I also took it in color

So this week is done and I did have fun.