This weeks challenge is negative space. Leaving an area in the photograph clear, maybe for text or to accentuate the subject.

Day One 2-21- 2022
Today I decided to photograph in the Sage Ranch Canyon area. I didn’t get much sleep last night and it is hard to get inspired or think straight. Plus it was COLD out on the trail.
The photo above is the photo I used for negative space for the challenge I titled it “These Boots were made for Hiking, and that is just what they will do…”
I also liked this shot though it may be on the edge negative space.

Day Two 2-22-2022
It took me a while to come up with a negative space photo today but my coffee cups came to my rescue again.

I titled this one a cup with out coffee is negative space.
Day three 2-24-2022
Today was a gray day it was spitting snow and cold. I was feeling frustrated because it was hard to get inspired and go out to take photos. I finally went out and made an effort. I figured that the Tulip leaves in the snow would make a pretty good subject.

This became my post.

Day four 2-25-2022
Today was a sunny day. Tomorrow maybe not or at least not all day. I decided that I needed to make the trip into the main Library and photograph the shadows on the brick wall. I got some great shots but almost none of them would work for negative space. I did love several of the photos though. When I got home, I decided to change one of the shots to Black & White and see if it would work better. So this was the first shot I posted

It worked much better when it was B&W.
I then decided to go over to the Old Mill District and photograph the Walking bridge over the Deschutes River. The temp was hovering around 29/30 degrees, and I wasn’t expecting the wind chill. I figure the actual temps were pretty close to Zero or lower. I forgot my photo gloves in the car, and it did not take long for my fingers to freeze. While I was inputting the lens focal length into my camera, I apparently changed the format from Vibrant to Muted. I got hoe humm photos and I was not happy. Then I decided to change the photos to Black and white, and it worked So here was the second shot I picked from my photo trip today

This was the power station for the original Mill in the early days of the mill. it was converted to a shop in the late 90’s when the whole area was converted to a shopping area.
Day Five 2-26 -2022

Today I decided to play around with the tiles and some fabric. I really liked the sunlight shining across the purple fabric sitting on top of the Navy Blue fabric. The focus is a bit softer than I like.
oddly enough my favorite shot was my first shot when I wasn’t paying attention to my settings and under exposed the shot on the Navy Blue fabric.

This one definitely got listed on the challenge.

It is Sunday and I don’t plan on going out to take any more photos so looking forward to the next subject tomorrow.