This challenge is something I could get my teeth into. I love patterns. this is gonna be SO GREAT!!!
Day one 2-28-2022
First challenge, the minus four temps we had last week turned a lot of my plants to Mush… but I was able to get this clover shot from in front of the heat pump.
Second challenge the camera chose today to misbehave. It started out fine then just didn’t want to take photos. Everything worked except the trigger or maybe it was the shutter…. I also noticed that the auto shake hand was showing up even when I had the shutter speed fast enough it would not be a problem. I changed shutter speed, I changed F/Stops I changed lenses I changed battery and SD card. Nothing worked except shutting the camera off then turning it back on or giving it a good slap. Neither of those options is acceptable. Earlier in the month I had been looking for some manual A lenses for my camera, I could not find any that I wanted but I did run across another camera body that was a step up from the one I have now. Hmmm Interesting but I did nothing then. After my third trip in, to download a couple photos, I decided to buy the camera. Hopefully it will be here by the end of the week.
here were my favorites from my frustrating shoot.

Day Two 3-01- 2022
So today the camera is working like a charm…. I finally got the shake reduction mode turned off and I think that fixed the problems. For now. I went out and rephotographed the Euphorbias and a few other things.

So here is todays choice for the challenge.
Day Three 3-02-2022
This morning I started off by trying to photograph some of my quilts but it was just too dark. Feeling a bit frustrated I was sitting in my office chair at my desk/computer and looking around. There it was a spool of cord tightly wrapped.

The spool was quite dusty, and I grabbed a horsehair brush and brushed it off. Soon I had grabbed the other spools of string and cord, dusted them off and photographed them with this spool.

Then ” What If I…? thoughts kicked in and I grabbed the marbles

and then I added the single die that was in the jar with the marbles.

and then I tripped over the snow shoes I didn’t get to use this winter and …. What IF ?

Day Four 3-03-2022
Waiting, Waiting, waiting… the new camera is supposed to come today….. Waiting…. waiting…
It finally came late in the afternoon.

I photographed this quilt several times, this week and because the camera came later in the day and I was looking for a subject…. the late afternoon sun was reflecting off of the light carpet and highlighted the quilt.
Day Five 3-04-2022
Today I decided to make a quick trip to the Cold Spring Campground west of Sisters. This is the second time I have gone there this winter and I am hoping to be able to go more as the challenge progresses. I enjoyed using the new camera there, but… I had hoped to be able to hike in the area without anybody else there. First thing I noticed was a guy parked at the trail head, getting ready to hike it. No problem I would just hike the other side of the creek bed. There were a couple camping spaces in use by homeless people, but they were not there so no issues. My worry is that my germies are not well behaved enough to really be around people. I don’t want any issues with that. So I found a space to park let the germies out wrestled with leashes, treats, and my camera + extra lens, and we took off up the trail. It was perfect.

I photographed the repeated patterns of the Ponderosa Pines,

Close ups of the closed pinecones.

limbs and needles of the White Fir

Bracken fern leaves and other fauna debris on the forest floor,

Aspen leaves breaking down
I was totally enjoying the trip out when I realized that I didn’t know where my car keys were…Ooops Time to go back and hope that they were in the car….
Day Six 3-05-2022
Remember those snowshoes I mentioned a couple days ago? Today I photographed them

I posted this one first and

then this one second.
Day Seven 3-06 2022
Today is Sunday and the last day for this week’s challenge. I decided to see what showed up in the back yard. Tulip leaves that are taller little seedlings are trying to sprout in the greenhouse. asking myself the question, What have I photographed earlier and could photograph differently today?

This was my second attempt at photographing these tulip leaves this morning. The first I was a little further back and then I decided to try the Macro lens with it’s Doubler lens. I was having a great time with that combination but…. when I got the photos downloaded I realized that the focus was just not what I wanted, and I should have used the tripod.

I could not twist, turn, get close enough, and hold my position while focusing and adjusting the apertures.
This star was on the table out on the back deck. It was the only shot using the Doubler on the macro lens that I liked out of about 40 shots. The colors are reflections from my tie dye shirt and a bright chartreuse vase

This shirt to be exact. I thought it also fit the pattern challenge.
I also went back to my Hens and Chicks sedum and photographed it with the macro only.

So it is pretty obvious I had a great time working with patterns. I can’t wait to see what Nicole comes up with tomorrow