In my last post I was complaining that my camera appeared to be off, and my photos looked terrible. No matter what I did I could not get them consistently right. I also was frustrated with the new format of my blog.
Well I decided rather than send my camera in to find out the problem and spend several hundred dollars on diagnosis and maybe repair, I would just replace it with another used camera. My new / used camera arrived on Wednesday. Thursday morning I quickly set the newer camera up with the same settings as the older and realized that there were a few more choices. Loaded the camera equipment the dogs and my friend in the car. Away we went to the balancing rocks of Lake Billy Chinook. It was hot and dusty and I had a great time.

I noticed that the general look of the photos on the playback screen was kinda bluish. I added my warming polarizer filter but it didn’t seem to help. This was one of the better shots.
So maybe I need to read the manual. This camera actually came with the manual. Both the camera and the manual smelled of patchouli. Both of them went into a bag of baking soda. (Cause I can’t stand patchouli.) I decided to look online to see if I could come up with a solution. And I did.
I pulled the camera back out of the bag of baking soda and checked the white balance and light type settings. It was on Muted not Natural. So maybe I need to take the time to really learn this camera like I did one of the others about 4 years ago.
Today I begin the challenge to go out everyday and take at least one or more photographs, and to post at least one or more of them on my web.

This morning was the Tulips and a Columbine.

And this evening was the view from the top of Sage Ranch Rd Butte.

I am liking this camera already, and I think I am figuring out the new format for the blog.