I am always saying to my hiking and photo partner, that we need to go photo the Downtown Bend and the Old Mill District, but we never do.  I was talking to Holly Fischer at the Sisters Coffee company last June and she told  us about a class, that she and her partner Steve J Giardini are putting on through the summer. Susan and I signed up. We took the first class and it was great fun.
Here are some of the photographs that I took.
We started out at the classic pedestrian bridge over the Deschutes river. The Canada Geese were out doing their thing ignoring the cameras.

Or maybe not totally ignoring the camera.

Next we concentrated on the smoke stacks and the flags on the bridge, The river and buildings along the river, and people paddling the river.

Steve is giving Susan several tips on how to get the best shots. 
Our next stop was the Tunnel that goes under Columbia St. I don’t think I would have thought to stop there, I certainly hadn’t seen the art work the last time I had been there.
There are Beautiful flowers everywhere and you know I was tempted.
Love the red poppies                             and the orange California poppies
And the purple flowers that I still have to identify. (not flax)
Going up to the Columbia st. bridge, we stop and shot more riverscape scenes with the paddlers, and without.
Next we headed  towards  the rack of rental bicycles, but got sidetracked by this little marshy spot. Love the rounds and curves among the straight cat tail leaves.
on to the bicycles. Visually these were pretty cool and I was really excited to get to photo them. But… Sometimes the light just isn’t right. It was nearly noon and the temps were in the 90’s, the bikes were white and the dark shadows were confusing. What I saw in my viewfinder didn’t match in the photo. Some days are like that.
You Know I am going to have to go back and photo those babies. Tonight maybe…
Time has gone over the hour allotted for the class and it is getting much hotter, we are on the final leg of the loop.  Around the corner from the bikes is a restaurant with outdoor seating, all the umbrellas were up.
I liked the curves on the top and the straight lines  below. I couldn’t get the diamonds or lines on the background and didn’t even try. I see space ships maybe with a landing light above?
We stopped to take photos of the big mural which has incredible detail. Another photographer stopped and talked to Steve,  while they were talking I took probably my most favorite photos of the class.
It was a simple case of taking a breather and looking around.
By the time we got done the temp was over 95 degrees, and it was way over the initial hour. I am so inspired that I am hoping to go back tonight and take the photos in a much different light, and maybe it will be cooler. Or not!!!
I do recommend Steve and Holly’s classes if you want a good experience. They have several longer classes and were trying this shorter one as an appetizer. Loved it.
I think some of these shots might even end up as photo note cards in my Etsy store.