Yesterday I did a hike I have been wanting to do for a long time. Well I did most of a hike that I have been wanting to do. Browder Ridge. Many years ago I climbed Iron Mtn and I would look across and see Browder ridge. Finally I found in William Sullivan’s hiking central Oregon Cascades book a hike up the ridge. Since this would be our first real hike of the season I chose to just go to the viewpoint and not to the top of the ridge.

The full hike to the top of the ridge and back is a little over 8 miles but the round trip hike to the viewpoint is just over 3 miles. So one way is a little over a mile and a half. No Problem.
I have to admit the trail head sign is missing and the parking is a pull out on the road. That alone will limit the amount of people who hike this trail. We saw only 8 people on the whole hike
The trail is well hiked and easy to navigate but it has a lot of switchbacks up hill all the way .

My primary goal of this hike was to get some wild flower shots, and I did.

I found quite a few, starting with the tiger lilies, the tall Bluebells/Lungwort, the yellow monkey flower, the columbines, the lupine, the Bleeding Harts and one of my favorites the Ginger.

the views of the mountains from this location were fantastic. From the top they should be incredible.
The Three sisters and Broken top were playing hide and seek in the clouds but from this viewpoint they were hiding in the trees too. The best views were Mt Washington and 3 Finger Jack.

What was the most fun was playing with the blue Butterflies. They were quite friendly.

It was time to head on down, but Nova wanted to continue up the trail. Playing a bit of hide and seek behind this cedar tree. She finally gave up and headed down the trail instead.
it was a great hike and I hope to do it again more this summer