It is time to start a new chapter in my life. Sunday I quit my job, that I have had for the last 6 years. I loved the job and my bosses, but it was time to move on to a new chapter, that is really an old dream.
In the 80’s I wanted to make a living as a Landscape Photographer. I even sold a few of my photos. In the 90’s I went sideways, I moved to Central Oregon, got involved with the Fire Department, found my favorite film was going away and that I could not afford the film or to get it processed. Life moved on. I let the dream go… No Regrets. ( well maybe some little ones.)
Today I use a digital camera and the photos are as close to the original Kodachrome film I used and loved, as I can find. The dream to try and make a living with my photography is back. Just different. Instead of trying to send photos to companies in hopes they will buy them, I have had notecards printed of my own photos. I have a printer and can print my photographs. I have time and need to get out and take more photos. I have time to work on gardening. I like gardening and hope to grow more of my own food, lessening the need to make trips to the store or local farms, except for those special things I can’t grow, and More Photographs.
I bought this fantastic green house

It is all planted with plants and seeds. Except little Nova has decided that this is hers and she destroyed pretty much everything. I do concede that she and Aurora were a bit miffed when we refused to take them with us on our impromptu trip to Sahalie falls. So the next day we replanted and she did it again. The tomatoes will never be the same. We bought new ones.
The thing is I now have time to deal with this and while it is frustrating, Tomorrow is another day. I have time.
And the photography? The end of May I went to Tumalo Falls and got this shot

Best shot of Tumalo Falls I have taken yet, I hope to go back again in the next week or so. Maybe tomorrow.
Monday evening We made a quick trip up to Sahalie falls. It would have been better if I had come up with the idea to go an hour sooner but what the heck, I think this is the best shot of Sahalie I have taken.

Susan and I also went down to the river at the bottom of the falls, we took the long way in and had lost the golden light, well it was going fast, anyway

but worth it. Just have to go back again earlier in the evening.
I am starting to feel good about this again. I am loving this newer camera too.
Soon it will be time to photograph the wild flowers in the old cascades I am thinking Cone peak, Iron Mtn. or Browder ridge. In the mean time here is a set of notecards of the wildflowers I photographed last spring.×6-high-meadow-summer-flowers/

These cards are available in my webstore Just click on the link.
They are $ 9.00 for a set of 3 notecards.

Happy Summer everybody