Well actually it was a quick trip to Eugene.  But a rest stop at Sahalie falls is a must.  The Snow had pretty much melted the moss was nice and green but there were no ferns or maple leaves. So maybe a bit early in the season, but man the power of the water coming down the falls is something else. Incredible any time of the year.

We got there late morning,  the sun was perfect for rainbows. Tempting the photographer to try and capture.
The call of the water draws you down the mossy trail, hear the next rapids,
They are hiding between the trees on a steep bank, and the trail down to a better view is quite slippery. So grab the long lens find the perfect spot and focus on the far bank. Capture!!!
Most defiantly hoping that next month the ferns and maples get the chance to come out and play. Maybe we will even have more time to check out another trail along the river. The trail down to Tamolitch pool, from Carmen reservoir is calling softly.  Just need a bit more warm weather… maple leaves, spring flowers….