One of my favorite places to go photograph is Sparks lake just west of Bend in the Deschutes national forest. The lake was made famous by The Photographer Ray Atkinson and there is a memorial on the easily accessible paved trail.

Sparks lake is a pretty shallow lake that was a remnant of a much larger lake that has filled with sediment and vegetation. The average depth is from 2 ft to as much as 10 feet. It is believed to have been formed by the Mt Bachelor volcanic chain that dammed the Upper Deschutes river 10,000 years ago.
Mt Bachelor is just to the east of us and not visible from where we were standing. South Sister (Charity) and Broken top is the backdrop for this large lake.

South Sister is considered one of the youngest of the cascade mountains. and the third tallest mountain in Oregon at 10,363 feet. She is considered a stratovolcano and last erupted around 2,000 years ago. She is considered still active, though she has settled down in recent years.

Broken Top is just south east of South Sister with an elevation of 9,126ft. It is a much older Stratovolcano and it last erupted 150,000 years ago along with North Sister Mountain.

Sparks lake is filled from the run off of the glaciers and seasonal snow from these mountains into small streams that flow into the basin. The water then slowly percolates through the lava rocks and tubes on the floor of the lake.
The size and depth of the lake make it a great favorite of canoeists, kayakers, and paddleboarders.
And German Shepherds Who may or may not like swimming