Last night I said I wanted to retake photos of Tumalo falls. I wanted to take photos of the falls in the evening. So this afternoon I said let’s go to photograph Tumalo falls, but first we have to go get cat food and a trip to the humane society thrift shop. (I am looking for jeans.) We should arrive at the falls about 5ish. I didn’t want to arrive to late or the whole thing might be in shadow. Too early and it might be the same shot I took last month just different day.
We got there at 4:57. Now how close is that. The temp in town was 90 and the temp at the falls was 76. I am stayin… There are crazies in town and they are all driving. I admit the mosquitoes were also quite happy with this decision as they tried to relieve me of several pints of blood. We stayed maybe half an hour.

This shot was the classic shot from the lower viewpoint. I loved the spot of light on the top of the falls and then repeated again on the boulder at the bottom.

The next shot was a close up with my telephoto lens. you could feel the power of the water in this shot. Couldn’t decide whether to leave the lit up tree in or out. But in the final views I liked the tree.

and the last shot was taken 5 minutes after the first one. The light was leaving the lower rocks in Tumalo creek.

I cant wait to see what I come up with next trip. There is a couple of old trucks along the Redmond Highway begging to be photographed.

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