It has been bitterly cold here for the last two days and today was forecast for a couple of inches of snow. Woke up to about 3/4 of an inch but by the time it was time to drive to work it was several inches and the temp was a nice warm 9 degrees. The drive to work was in nearly white out conditions. I figured the boss would probably call a snow day and they did. I took a few minutes to photograph the snow on the neighboring shops garden art. It looks so different in the different kinds of weather. expect to see many of these pieces in various weather and conditions.  I love these suns there are several. This poor guy looks like he is having a hard time rising on the fine snowy morning.

 But the stars have no problem they shine snow or not.
 The metal flowers don’t care they bloom year around
 The metal chickens find the weather embracing The whirley’s provide the color.
But for us humans it is time to put the wheels up and hunker down and let mother nature do her thing