About the Photographer

Deanne Dement is a native Oregonian.  She was raised in Eugene and moved to Central Oregon in June of 1991.

In the early 80’s she got her first Pentax k1000, she took some Adult Education photography classes at Lane Community College.  She enjoyed trips to the Oregon Coast, around the Willamette Valley and the foothills of the Cascades.

She taught her mom photography and they went out together quite a bit until she moved to Central Oregon.

In the late 80’s she sold some photographs to a local publication and one photo to Hallmark’s European card line subsidiary.

In 1991 her photography was set aside as she got into Quilting and joined the Cloverdale Rural Fire department, as a Volunteer Fire Fighter. Now she is on the Board for the Fire Department and the quilting has been set aside.

In 2015 her mom passed away and she inherited a basic Digital Pentax Camera. This camera sparked her interest in hiking and photography but it was not creative enough so she quickly upgraded the basic equipment, and added her favorite lenses.  She loves photographing Landscapes, close ups, old trucks, flowers and her 2 German Shepherds.

The idea for Photo Notecards came about as a way to market her photography and she found a local company to make the cards. She sold a few cards on Etsy, and is now offering those photo notecards on her website store.