1-15-17 Snow in the back parking lot

I love the snow it is so white and soft and cold. It makes ugly beautiful. Covers up blah and makes beautiful shadows with the light. However now that the snow has been here a month those beautiful piles are turning gray with road grit. Those pathways that at first we sleushed through are now Icy hard packed tracks waiting to turn an ankle. It is becoming a bit old.  I need a brain check here.
So today I have decided to fall back to a greener times when vine maples are soaking up the summer sun and the waters of Proxy Falls are flowing strong. Wychus creek and the metolius are meandering towards lake Billy Chinook on their way to the Deschuttes River and Steel head Falls. Sahalie Falls are flowing into the McKenzie with a force to be reckoned with and everything is green.

8-12-16 lower proxy falls close up

5-12-16 Wychus creek

4-15-16 Metolius river wizard falls bridge

4-1-16 Deschutes river near steel head falls

4-1-16 steelhead falls

6-16-16 Sahalie Falls in afternoon

4-29-16 McKenzie River from McKenzie bridge

And I realize that all this snow will feed all these green things so than next spring and summer I can hike them again.