I got my new 10mm to 17mm Zoom lens last week and went up the my favorite butte to check it out. I had some of the snaggly Junipers in mind. I went up to my first stop. the view from this spot is pretty incredible you can see from Broken top to Mt Jefferson. But this day was cloudy again and the mountains were not coming out to shine. This shot was taken with the lens Zoomed out to it’s widest 10mm

of course Aurora did look for them.  This old snag is finally succumbing to the weather. The snow was pretty hard on it. 10mm wide zoom.
I was playing with foreground and distance testing the different zoom lengths. this group of junipers were taken with the 17mm.

Aurora found her snag. I got quite close to the tree and shot it with the 13mm focal length.
But I liked this one better I also shot it with the 13mm focal length. you have to wonder at the age of these old trees, what weather conditions have they endured, fire, drought ,snow, wind….

I like the ones that grow out of the rocks and along the cliffs.

.                                                                  Even the lazy ones
Ok this old juniper is at the top of the butte and probably takes the full brunt of the winds and weather.
Life on the butte is hard little water except what comes from the sky lots of wind and snow. but man it does create some pretty cool sculptures. I wouldn’t mind this in my garden, but I guess I will have to enjoy it in it’s natural location. assuming I can find it again,

I spotted these two trees on the trip earlier and they were my target for this trip but I couldn’t find them. So I gave up and headed down and there they were.
I spent a couple hours of there and enjoyed my self but 170+ photos late I have to admit I was wondering what the heck was I thinking??? That is so cool I gotta photo that… ohhhh that is even better …..
this hike was my last one for March 3-22-17 and I haven’t had a chance to go out in April but the wind has been blowing for several days. I wonder if those snags have changed or???