Several years ago one of my neighbors planted rye in his yard. Over the years that rye has spread to my yard and my other neighbors yard. We haven’t minded, I actually love to photograph it this time of year. This year it grew up to and crossed one of the driveways leaving a path just big enough for the car to drive through. With temps above 100 Fahrenheit for the last 5 days, having the rye so close that it brushes the car as I leave is not a good idea. The fact that is is green and rapidly changing to golden tan means that I should be getting out and removing it away from the driveway.

Armed with my cutting shears I started hacking away, then I realized that the grass pulled out easier than it cut, and I started pulling it. At least enough so that my car or truck could drive through without touching it. By the time I got out there it was already in the 90’s so spending too much time pulling the grass was not wise. As I was pulling I was noticing the morning light on the heads and the pollen waving in the light breeze. I quickly finished my pulling and grabbed the camera for photographing. What Heat?

and the Critters!!!

It was getting hot and most of them were working their way down towards the ground where it was cooler, I also needed to work my way back into the house where it was also cooler.
Today’s safari into the rye is over, tomorrow is another adventure