This summer has been much different from last summer. I had hoped to get out more and see new things. Well that hasn’t happened I have actually gotten out less. Impromptu trips somewhere are not happening. My friend Susan and I were able to buy a large amount of inventory from another online friend. She lives 3 hours away and over the mountain passes. First trip, we got the majority of the stock that I was interested in. It was a hot day and we pretty much made a beeline there and back home. No stopping along the way except for rest stops. Then we spent the next 2 weeks sorting and exploring our first round of items.
The second trip we got more different items that will broaden our selling horizons. That day was one of the hottest days of the year topping off in triple digit numbers. I had a goal to photograph this covered bridge though. It was less than a mile away from our friends home, so she was very willing to show us how to get to it.

Rochester Road Covered bridge Crosses the Calapooya creek, which is a tributary of the Umpqua river, in Douglas county. The bridge is 80 feet long and is a Howe truss construction built in 1933. It has unique side windows with curved tops 4 on each side, portals with flat arched openings and exposed false beams at the gable ends.

here are a couple views looking up stream and down stream.

while it was hot day it ended up being an enjoyable drive and day.
Trip number three is still in the planning stages but we will stop off in Sutherlin and do a bit of thrift shopping I hope.