We have been having Freezing fog for more than a week. The fog would come in at night and then later in the day roll out. However the forecast was changing, and last Thursday looked like the last day of it, and my day off.  I had two places I wanted to photograph the fog in the trees.  What to do? One was East a couple miles and the other was West about 10 or 12 miles. The Temp was 18 degrees and the day was early .So I decided if I left now I could photograph the Aspen in the west and maybe the fog would lift to get the junipers in the east later in the day. Bundling up warmly grabbing the camera gear and calling Aurora the German Shepherd I went out to the Aspens. it was fantastic and chilly.
The trees were covered in frost from the fog that was beginning to lift.
This forest is a mix of aspen and ponderosa pine and both showed the frost in different ways.

I was able to photograph a couple of my favorite marked trees and found a couple ones that looked much older. The last one was on a standing snag that had died. Is that a year or a marker tree or??? Who knows.
After about an hour of wandering in the grove Aurora got cold it was still in the 20’s and it was time to head back to the warm car and home.
The nice thing is that this grove of trees in along an old decommissioned forest road so it is pretty easy to explore again
And as to the Junipers to the East? I did get them later in the afternoon