It was a beautiful November day and it was Black Friday. The new tradition that started a couple years ago is instead of going shopping you get out and go hiking. I can do that. I am not used to going shopping anyway. Working retail I have for many years worked on that Friday.
So the day started out bright and sunny. I had plans. First my hiking partners and I would go to the aspen grove I found earlier this fall and photograph it.
I even got to play with my fish eye lens. Cool
Then we tried to go to the winter gate on Hwy 242 and maybe hike up the old highway for a while. But with very large signs blocking the road with Extreme Danger Do not Enter, it seemed like it was not a good idea to try it. However the Forest Service road that runs parallel to the old highway during that stretch was open and it was a much better choice. We drove into a small portion of the Millie Fire burn that is being logged and made safe for winter enthusiasts to enjoy.  Even though we have had some warm rain earlier in the week I was optimistic and hoped to find some snow to test my new snowshoes.
Ok maybe I was a bit too optimistic,  but we did find a couple inches of the hard icy stuff. both my hiking partners and I enjoyed it anyway.
Then when we decided to drive on, looking for a good place to get out and just hike and take photos. I had my older trusty forest service map and saw a couple spots I might like to stop and hike. I couldn’t find the two roads I was looking for so maybe it is time for a newer map.  I did find a road that looked promising, so we parked at the main road and started hiking. It wasn’t long and I realized that we were in the old 2002 Cache mtn. burn. I hadn’t been in that area since the burn, 14 years. There were some incredible views of Mt Washington. When the clouds decided to move along I got to test my big lens. it was Awesome.
We hiked to the end of the road and the view of Mt Washington was just right there as well as the old scars of the burn. Soon it was time to turn around and hike back to the car. which seemed shorter hiking back because it was mostly down hill. Just before we got back to the car I found the road sign and realized that was the second of the two roads, on my map that I had been trying to find. Don’t know how I missed it on the way in. The day turned out to be a wonderful hiking day and we went home tired and satisfied.
It seems like we are always trying to go find the adventurous trails and views and maybe we need to slow down and hike the simple roads close to home. Who knows what adventures you might find. Besides while everybody is shopping you can enjoy the forest to yourselves.