Gardening in Central Oregon is not for the Humorless. Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor and if you can’t laugh about her tactics and shrug it off you are going to go Crazy.
The last killing frost is usually the second Saturday night in June. So a couple years ago I bought a lightweight greenhouse with removable cover to extend the growing season. The seams on the cover were…. pretty poorly sewn together and it didn’t take long for them to split in the relentless winds mother nature threw at it.

So I bought a clear greenhouse cover to use under the green cover as long as the outer cover would last. They were no match for 70 mph winds in March. (Nor were the old antennas on the light pole.)

Now we are into Mid April and it is time to plant the cold crops. Every time I try to put both covers over the frame, the wind comes up. My latest plan is to put the clear cover on the frame use some really strong clamps to hold it to the frame and planter boxes. So far that is working (sorta) But it really doesn’t protect from the cold nights.

Today she threw out a nearly 70 degree day and under the greenhouse cover it was 80 degrees. The soil temp was perfect for planting my lettuce spinach and carrots.

The strawberries and German Thyme are happy with the warmer weather. As the day progressed I got the planter boxes watered, seeds planted, and watered again. The wind has come up again, so far everything is holding. I should probably put the frost covers back on before it cools off too much. The big green cover will go on later after the wind settles down. Maybe next week.
HAAA HAAA Mother Nature…. I WIN…. Besides I got more seeds Do your Best….

But what does gardening have to do with a Photography Blog? Well every calamity and win, I grab the camera and photograph. It is a great way to practice using the camera under every different type of weather, circumstance and emotion. Soft light, harsh light, wind, hail, snow and rain. Hot or cold. Angry, resigned, in a good mood, in a bad mood. I am at home so I can check the photos, and if need be, go back outside and take the photos again. I can play with the dials and buttons, change the ISO, or the shutter speed, use different lenses or look for distracting things in the photo. There is no pressure, except when it is cold and I forget to wear my coat, gloves or snow boots. I can come up with ideas for the blog post and take the time to set it up. Practicing set up’s using just what I have on hand. Practicing, practicing, practicing…..
So in the end everything comes back to photography. For me at least.