I go to the same places over and over. It is easier with 2 rambunctious German Shepherds. I can just turn them loose and let them use up a lot of energy. Because they are so active I usually try to stay away from other hikers. I don’t mind there are many different ways to go from the parking area. That means I know this area pretty good and everything is the same ole, same ole…. When you are trying to do a personal challenge though, how do you keep photographing? Well you try photographing the same things you see every time you hike, in a new and different way. A little frosty snow doesn’t hurt. So the first photo is the standing rocks only this time I photographed them with some of the other large rocks that are there in the foreground. I never thought to include those rocks in the photo before. I liked the shot.

The next shot is a piece of burned Juniper just a few feet from those rocks, this piece of wood has been on the ground for many years. I liked the reddish color of the wet wood where the charcoal has disappeared and the snow melted. This area has had an extensive fire history sometime in the past but not during the time I have lived here. I do hope that BLM comes in here sometime in the future and does some fuels mitigation. Time will tell.

This last photo is a simple red and yellow lava rock that is along the trail, I walk past it every time I go to the standing rocks or drop down into the canyon instead of going over the butte. It is about 5 or 6 inches across and nearly smooth, it does not have the jagged edges that most lava has. It has been worn down and rolled along for centuries. Carved and shaped by water ice snow and wind. I suspect it came from the butte I hiked a couple days ago or somewhere further north. I liked the bit of snow that had not yet been melted by the morning sun.
Tomorrow I might consider going to a different place who knows. I do need to get the oil changed in the car and maybe Bend will be my subject. Or maybe now that highway 242 is officially closed for the winter I could find a place up there to go before the deep snow flies.