What a Beautiful morning it was this morning., and I almost missed it, because the forecast was for rain. Expecting a gray and cloudy skyline I was amazed at the clear crisp mountains and the color had not yet begun. knowing I had maybe 20 minuets or less I began the race. Grabbed my thermals out of the laundry basket, shirt, jeans , socks and what have you. I struggled to get my boots on and find the laces. Tossed my camera gear out the door. Getting Aurora harnessed I grabbed my coat, keys and away we go.  I realized that I left my gloves on the desk but you know it’s only 20 degrees outside I don’t need them Time’s a Wastin. We raced down the driveway and on the road. The sky has turned pink in the east but I can’t see what is on the mountains. By the time I parked the pink was gone the sun was in the popcorn clouds. No problem as the mountains are beautiful and maybe we will pick up some color. I chose to go to my good old standby area as I could get up there in a few minutes and It Was So Worth It.
I got all the mountains in the early morning light. Some of these mountains I haven’t been able to photograph since last spring.
As for the color well I got a little
Soon I decided to move on up the trail to my new favorite spot about a mile up the trail and the light got even better. Savin those photos for a later post. And I sure was missing those gloves.