This year has been odd. I am not complaining, I have gotten a lot of things done that I have never had time to do. Pretty much in my yard. The temptation to go somewhere and take photos is gone. The wild flowers are late this year but the Cheat Grass is on time as usual. I fight this grass every year usually late after the seed has ripened.

I usually miss the first seeding and then am in a rush to try and get the second seeding of this pain in the socks grass. This patch is still in my front rock garden but I figured it was time to quit when mother nature threw some gusty winds and big rain drops at me. Of course when I went in the sun came out… So I grabbed my trusty tools and made another attempt. I have a lot to do as you can see.

But mother nature was having none of that. Ahh well you win some, you loose some. Today time to quit, tomorrow finish pulling that cheat grass toss out some California poppy seeds, maybe some snapdragon seeds and see what comes up later.
If it is another round of that cheat grass I am on it, while dreaming of hiking trips I could be making. Will Be making later… Just not now