Today is a break from taking photos. I had to get some pattern listings ready to list on a Face Book group. It took all day, and because FB decided to change how the private groups list, it makes the simple listing harder and time consuming. I am done and quite stressed. So I decided, since I didn’t take the camera for the morning germie walk and I didn’t take the time to go out and find something to photo, I would list some photos from this summer’s flowers.
These morning glories are the first ones I have gotten to grow here in Central Oregon and I am quite pleased with them. Next year will be better I think. I have some new ideas for watering, that will do the job better and more efficiently. (I showed the frosted version of these a couple listings back.)

Sunflowers I have had no trouble growing here in Central Oregon and they are one of my favorite. These were in my fenced backyard where the deer can’t get to them. The sunflowers in the front yard had a rough summer. just as they were ready to bloom the deer would come along and nip the tops off.

I admit my gardens didn’t come out as successful as I had wanted but I did get ripe tomatoes. I am hoping that the greenhouse top stays on this winter and maybe I can get an earlier start on growing stuff in it. I learned a lot have some new ideas for better more efficient gardening. Like not starting my seedlings so early in the house and not growing sooo many tomato plants, and maybe get them started a bit earlier. A friend suggested using the regular Christmas lights under the frost guard cloth to keep in a bit of warmth. I think I might try something like that. Especially on that weekend in June that we usually have the last frost of the season.
Well That is all I have time for, for now hopefully tomorrow will be more productive in the photo range but if not. I got lots of photos from the summer before this one…..