When I started this challenge I had two goals. One to learn this newer camera and the other to get in the habit of posting everyday. I pretty much have the camera thing down now, but posting everyday has been harder. I haven’t taken the time to get out hiking much on my days off, I have gotten some work on my place and yard done. Tramping around the front yard looking for something to photograph has made me realized I had a lot of trees and bushes that needed limbed up before fire season. This weekend is the free yard debris dump weekend. I cut limbs with my chainsaw, instead of taking photos. Tomorrow with be the same and maybe the day after who knows.

Yep it is battery powered and works pretty slick.
So what to post? The reason I need to start posting everyday is so that I can start promoting my products. I have a webstore but other than posting the notecards, I sell, I haven’t done any promoting except for Facebook. I have hired a person to make me a new and improved website and her recommendation is that I start using my blog to promote my cards. I had that same thought this morning when I woke up, so when she mentioned it this afternoon… it was like .. There is your post idea. Now which card?https://deannedementsphotos.com/product/4×6-photo-notecard-north-and-middle-sisters-mountains-close-up-blank-notecards/

I will also have a 5×7 print listed soon.
The prices for the notecards are 3.50 each and for the 5×7 they will start at 10.00 Just the photograph.