Another day of yard work. Last year at this time I went hiking, I got some great shots of …. Something. Last summer my home and my neighbors homes were threatened by 2 Structure and Wildland fires. Serious threaten, where on the second fire my neighbors and I were evacuated.

This fire was just down the street from my home. Because of the fast action of all of the firefighters and wildland fire fighters, this fire was contained to one home and some out buildings. It could have been much worse involving 30 or more homes. The second fire I didn’t get photos of because I was loading my car with all my photo gear, computers, dog and getting ready to leave or fight fire. (Retired firefighters can’t stand it.)
This spring instead of going and finding photo opportunities. I need to get some defensible space yard work done. One driveway I had cleared properly several years ago, and the other I didn’t. This year I worked on the second one. 6 pickup loads of juniper limbs later I have most of it done. I will need to concentrate on the land between the two driveways removing a lot of sagebrush. What does this mean for my photography? A lotta yard work now and then a lotta photo trips later. Life made simpler.×6-photo-notecard-time-for-spring-gardening-blank-notecards/

This notecard is in honor of some spring yard work I did last year. If you love gardening and writing notes this is the perfect card for you. It is in my Web store and you can find it by hitting the link above the photograph.
The featured photograph I took last winter it is my gardening tools under the first real snow. That photograph will be available in a 5×7 photograph soon.

And this notecard is for those Retired firefighters who love a good old fire truck. This card is available in my web store as well as 3 other notecards of the same truck.

The Notecards are $3.50 each, not including shipping. I can do sets of any of these cards and will price accordingly. A set of 3 notecards will be $9.00 and a set of 4 notecards will be $12.00, not including shipping.