This morning as we were headed for our usual parking spot I noticed one of my neighbors riding her Fat Tire Bicycle along Sage Ranch Road. I chose to go in a different direction up the butte leaving the road for the gal and her dog. Not a bad choice.
I usually use these hikes to think on things and one of my favorite subjects is “The choices we make /or made when we are young” I wanted to be in Law Enforcement, I wanted to be a deputy. I grew up watching Adam-12 and then Emergency. If I could not be a deputy maybe being a paramedic would be cool. I was single minded in getting classes in college to accomplish that law enforcement goal. I never became the deputy. I did however get into the Fire service as a volunteer and eventually became an EMT. If I had been more open to other choices I might have never gotten into photography. One of the deputies I knew back then told me I was buying a camera and sold me the most basic camera that was a workhorse. Had I gone into a totally different career would I have been open to moving to Central Oregon. I looked on the move as a plus because I had decided that photography would be my career rather than Law Enforcement, the new neighbor asked me if I had ever considered the volunteer Fire Department. I jumped at that chance and was a volunteer for 20+ years but my photography plans suffered. I had not kept up with the latest technology. I have spent my whole working life being a retail clerk and volunteering. All great jobs but not where I saw my self when I was 18.

As I am standing on top of Sage Ranch rd Butte looking west I am thinking about the history of Central Oregon. The Volcanic history. I am sure that The butte is one of the Old Cascades which makes it Thousands of years older than the Cascade mountains we see today. This butte is probably the same age as Smith rocks which you can see part of from the east side of the butte.
The germies and I head down the east side and instead of going a broad loop down I cast a much narrower trail and basically went around the base of the highest part of the butte.

I look at this wall and think Geology would have been a good career to have gone in. But at 18 I hated math and hadn’t taken enough science classes to have changed my mind from my chosen career path, that wasn’t. Would I have gotten into photography? Who knows? probably?
I guess we will never know. I do so enjoy the photography