I love hiking in the Junipers but sometimes I need a variety of trees. I knew just the place to go Cold Springs Campground. It is close to town, may or may not have snow, and is filled with Ponderosa pine, Aspens, and the occasional white fir. A good choice for a late afternoon hike.

There was lots of new smells for the germies to explore a bit of snow in the distance and an entirely different vibe for my walk.

The afternoon sunlight on the aspen and bracken fern leaves glowed, there was much to photograph and explore.

I couldn’t resist this carving on a downed Aspen.

Noticed that Nova’s coloring blended in with the forest, and that she was missing the harness I had put on her when we left the house. Well somebody will find it one of these days.

and finally back at the car where I decided to photograph a picnic table that I had photographed last fall.

What a difference a year makes