It is raining a soft and gentile rain. I noticed my purple and lavender Iris had bloomed. I grabbed my camera and a couple of my favorite lenses, went out and photographed the Iris in the rain.
This is the first time I have seen white stripes on this Iris but it is the first bloom so maybe it is an anomaly

Then I decided to photograph the new roses that I got yesterday. These roses are Miniature Roses and I hope I can keep them blooming and growing. Wish me luck.
The first one is Golden Sun Blaze

and the last one is Autumn Sun Blaze.

I think I might be able to use these flowers in my Notecard selection.
Below is A couple Rose Notecards that I have available in my shop now.×6-photo-notecard-strike-it-rich-hybrid-tea-rose-blooms-2-blank-notecards/×6-photo-notecards-carefree-spirit-floribunda-single-rose-bloom-blank-notecards/

These are just 2 of the many rose notecards available in my Webstore. Hit the link on either one and you will be able to search for more.
They are $3.50 each or I can sell them as sets. A set of 3 would be $9.00 and a set of 8 would be $22.50.